Hallucinations-Science Study

“Within the Dreams, Reality, and Hallucinations of Ultra-Marathon Runners”

“The hallucinations induced by ultra-marathons can give the sensation of reality, depending how many sensory modalities are affected. (Weiss & Heckers, 1999; Izumi, Terao, Ishino, & Nakamura, 2002) The degree of the intensity of the hallucination is affected not only through certain biological conditions of hallucinations, but also through a person’s cognitive perspective (Glicksohn, 1990; Klemperer, 1992). The cognitive aspect of perception plays an important part in helping a person to distinguish the normal from the abnormal. The presence of fatigue, monotony, or intense emotions, can obstruct these cognitive mechanisms that are normally used to help filter sensory information, creating an even more realistic hallucination (Beyerstein, 1996).”

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