Badwater 135 Route Landmarks

Badwater® 135 Race Route © AdventureCORPS, Inc.  2016 Ed.
Landmark Distance Elevation Mile Marker
NOTE: TL = Traffic Light; SS = Stop Sign; T-Int = T-Intersection: Jct. = Junction
Badwater Basin: Head north 0 -282
Crews will be held for 10 minutes after each wave begins, then released in small batches.
Former location of Telescope Peak Sign on L. 1.8 -200
Wide Shoulder on Right 3.1
Natural Bridge turnoff on R (PACERS MAY JOIN AGE 65+ RUNNERS HERE) 3.5 -170 MM 13
Wide Shoulder on R. 3.9
Devil’s Golf Course on L. 5.6 -165
Artist’s Drive entry on R. 8 -165
West Side Road on L. 10.6 MM 6
Artist’s Drive exit on R. 11.7 -70
Mushroom Rock on R. 12.1 -170 MM 5
Golden Canyon on R. (Toilet / Parking)                           (45 MPH) 14.5 -165
Jct. Hwy 190 & Badwater Rd.: Go Left onto 190 north     (Cell Service Begins) 16.5 0
Watch Speed Limit! (Don’t be like that Aussie team in 2015!)
Timbisha Shoshone Reservation on L. 17.2 -140
Furnace Creek Ranch on L.: Ice & Store close at 300am (Time Station #1) 17.5 -165
Park in lots, not along roadway, near Time Station.
Dumpsters available to dump garbage and recycling at Time Station.
Furnace Creek Fuel on L. (Please do NOT dump garbage here.)
Park Service Visitor’s Center on L.               (Run on bike path left of roadway) 17.7 -165
Furnace Creek Campground on L. 17.8 -170
Harmony Borax Works on L.: Park here and let runner go ahead     (45 MPH) 18.2 -170
NO STOPPING, SLOWING, or PARKING NEXT 1 MILE! Drive beyond curves! 19.1 -100
Parking allowed beyond curvy section, where safe. 20.1
Cow Creek on R. 20.8
1st Marathon 26.2
Daylight Pass Rd. on R.                                         (Cell Service Ends) 28.4 MM 99.5
Salt Creek turnoff on L. 30.8 MM 97.5
Sea Level sign on R. 31.5 0
Sea Level sign on L. 32.1 0
“Summit” / end of rolling hills section 33.7 140′ MM 94.5
North Hwy / Scotty’s Castle turnoff on R. 34.9 MM 93.5
Sea Level sign on L. 35.4 0
Devil’s Cornfield sign on R. 36.3 -80 MM 91.5
Parking on R. (Space for 2-3 cars) 37.1
Camera Sign pullout on R.         (Space for 4-5 cars only) 37.5
Sand Dunes Parking Lot on R. (Toilet / Parking)              (35 MPH) 40.2 0
Approaching Stovepipe Wells                          (Cell Service Begins) 41 0
Stovepipe Wells Village Welcome sign: Gas / Food / Store opens at 300am! 42 0
Time Station #2 & Medical HQ on L. by hotel courtyard & flag 42.2
It’s a long climb, and a long way, to Panamint Springs, 30 miles away!
It is CRITICAL to stock up on water, ice, and snacks, plus real food for the crew!
Also, take advantage of the low gas prices while you are here!
Mosaic Canyon turnoff on L. 42.4 5
1000′ Elevation sign on R.                                                     (65 MPH) 46.8 1000
Short downhill 47.2
DIP Sign on R.          (Do NOT park in dips as you will be invisible!) 48.5
2000′ Elevation sign: All racers must pass this location before 1000am 50.7 2000 MM 77.5
Wildrose Station (Bathroom; paved parking lot on R.) 51.2 2450
Please park neatly and use designated spaces. Don’t park “haphazardly.”
Wildrose Turnoff on L. 51.4 2500 MM 76.5
2nd Marathon 52.4 2800 MM 75.5
3000′ Elevation sign on L. 53.6 3000
4000′ Elevation sign on L. 56 4000
DIP sign on R.         (Do NOT park in dips as you will be invisible!) 56.4
Approaching the summit of Towne Pass                            (30 MPH) 57.25 MM 70.5
Brake Check area on R. 58.9 4965
Towne Pass Summit sign on R. 59 4965
“Downhill Next 9 Miles – 9% Grade” – Begin descent into Panamint Valley 59.6
4000′ Elevation sign on R.                                                   (55 MPH) 61.8 4000
Vista Point (amazing Mt. Whitney view) / big gravel pullout on R. 62 3500
Paved pullout on L. 62.5
Gravel pullout on L. 63.7 MM 64.5
3000′ Elevation sign on L. 64.1 3000
Large Paved pullout on L. 65.3
2000′ Elevation sign on L.                                                   (65 MPH) 66.4 2000
Panamint Dry Lake Bed, east edge; “Soft Shoulder” sign 68.4 1640
Panamint Valley Road to Trona / Ridgecrest on L. 70.2 1750
Panamint Springs Resort: Gas / Mini Mart / Food / Hotel   (35 MPH) 72.7 1970
Time Station #3 on L. at resort hotel
All racers must pass TS3 before 1159pm, Tuesday night
Free Showers and Flush Toilets across street at campground!
Get water, ice, snacks, and more at Gas Station / Mini Mart!
Get REAL FOOD quuickly with “streamined Badwater Race Menu” at the Resort
WARNING: Parking only allowed in designated locations for next 12.2 miles: follow odometer closely!
2000′ Elevation sign on L.                                                   (55 MPH) 73.3 2000
Darwin Falls turnoff on L. / “Rock Slide Area” sign on R. 73.7 2500
Parking Allowed on R. in gravel pullout with yellow left arrow     (1.8 from PSR) 74.5 MM 53.5
Parking Allowed on R. in small gravel pullout on right                 (3.4 from PSR) 76.1
3000′ Elevation sign on L. (end parking allowed zone) 76.2 3000
Parking Allowed on R. in large gravel shoulder on right               (4.7 from PSR) 77.4
Parking Allowed in large gravel pullout on L. before left curve   (5.3 from PSR) 78
3rd Marathon at 25 MPH sign with sharp left curve arrow 78.6 3400 MM 48.5
4000′ Elevation sign on L. 80.55 4000
Father Crowley’s Point on R. (Toilet) Parking Allowed in lot           (7.9 from PSR) 80.6 4000
Please no sleeping on the ground in parking spaces!
Parking Allowed in elevated gravel pullout via small drive on R. (8.7 from PSR) 81.4
Parking Allowed in wide gravel pullout on R.   (35 MPH)           (10.5 from PSR) 83.2 MM 44.8
Summit (no sign) Parking Allowed in large gravel pullout on R. (12.2 from PSR) 84.9
65 MPH sign on right, just beyond parking zone 85
Support vehicles may resume parking wherever it is safe to do so from here onwards.
Death Valley National Park sign on L.                                 (65 MPH) 85.4 4200
Saline Valley Rd. on R. (actual DVNP boundary) 86.4 4800
“Adopt a Highway” sign on R. 88.6 MM 39.5
Darwin turnoff on L.: Time Station #4 on Left before turnoff 90.6 5050 MM 37.5
All racers must pass TS4 before 500am, Wednesday morning
Gravesite on right (white cross) 96.8 4100
“Rock Slide Area” 99.8
One hundred miles! (3′ wide gray stripe across road with culvert under road) 100 4050 MM 28*
* MM 28 is exactly at the 100-mile mark, but is on the LEFT side of the road, facing the opposite direction.
4000′ Elevation sign on R. before “Gunsite Notch”         (Cell Service Begins) 102.2 4000
Jct. Hwy 136 & Hwy 190: Go straight / north onto Hwy 136   “Lone Pine 19mi” 103.4 3935
4th Marathon 104.8 3800 MM 16.5
“100 Sulfate Road” sign 106.5
Keeler City sign at Cerro Gordo Rd. on R. 108.1 3610
Adopt-a-Highway sign on R. after solar panel array 109.1 3605
Dolomite Loop Road on R. 113.2 3600
Dolomite Loop Road on R. 117.5 3510
Cross Owens River: View of Whitney Portal Rd. is straight ahead! 118.3 3500
Jct. Hwy 136 & Hwy 395: Go Right / North 121 3696
Runners may run on right side of road into and through Lone Pine: stay well away from traffic lane.
WARNING: SPEED LIMITS DROP TO 25mph as you pass through town!
Comfort Inn on R.                                                               (45 MPH) 121.1
Chevron / Lee’s Frontier Deli / Mini Mart (Great sandwiches!) on L. 121.3
Best Western on R.                                                             (35 MPH) 122
Lone Pine City Limits sign on R.                                       (25 MPH) 122.3
McDonald’s on L. 122.6 3610
Dow Villa on R.: Time Station #5 & Medical HQ 122.7 3610
All racers must pass within 42 hours of their individual wave start!
All racers with time penalties must “check in” and serve penalty time here before continuing.
Portal Road (the only traffic light in Lone Pine): Go left 122.8 3610
Tuttle Creek turnoff on L. 123.3 3770
WARNING: Park and Drive Properly! NO slow driving; NO stopping in roadway!
Los Angeles Aqueduct 123.4 3855
Lone Pine Creek 124.5 4200
Movie Flat Road on R. 125.5 4590
WARNING: Park and Drive Properly! NO slow driving; NO stopping in roadway!
Lone Pine Creek 125.7 4800
Horseshoe Meadow turnoff on L. 125.9 5000
Cuffe Ranch turnoff on R. 127.1 5100
WARNING: Park and Drive Properly! NO slow driving; NO stopping in roadway!
Whitney Vista Drive on L 127.4
Olivas Ranch Road on L. 128.4 5300
“Entering Active Bear Area” 129.2
WARNING: Park and Drive Properly! NO slow driving; NO stopping in roadway!
Lone Pine Campground on L. 129.3 5700
Lone Pine Creek 129.6 6000
“Inyo National Forest” sign on R. (Sign was missing in May, 2015) 129.8 6400
5th Marathon at Indian Creek Rd. on R. 131 7000
Time Station #6 in Large gravel pullout on R. 131.1 6890
Road makes a 180-degree switchback to L. 132 7215
Vista Point on Left at large gravel pullout 132.8 7400
“Campsites 39-44” and “Whitney Portal Recreation Area” signs 133.7 7700
WARNING: Park and Drive Properly! NO slow driving; NO stopping in roadway!
Meysan Lakes trailhead on L. 133.9 8035
Family Campground on L.: Support vehicles should drive ahead to park! 134 8100
Overflow Parking Lot on L. 134.6 8200
Finish Line of the World’s Toughest Foot Race:    Congratulations! 134.7 8360
Mile Markers (MM) noted are on R. side of road and within 2/10 of a mile of their stated location. For reference only.
Official distance is 135.0 miles. Remember all car odometers have error.
Distances above were GPS-measured and are accurate in a relative sense.
© AdventureCORPS, Inc. for the exclusive use of registered Badwater 135 entrants and race staff.