AdventureCORPS Presents the
2001 Badwater Ultramarathon

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First Images from Rolo Tomasi! 6am and 8am start and on the road!
Photographer: Rolo Tomasi 7/25/01

B01_0001 B02_0572 B03_0006 B03_0573 B04_0581 B05_0008
B06_0587 B06_0592 B07_0011 B08_0608 B09_0616 B10_0620
B11_0015 B11_0016 B11_0626 B12_0018 B12_0628 B14_0632
B15_0634 B16_0023 B17_0024 B17_0648 B19_0654 B21_0657
DCP_0643 DCP_0644