AdventureCORPS presents the 2001 Badwater 135 Ultramarathon Webcast

Welcome to the 2001 Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast, hosted exclusively here at, directed by Keith Kostman with assistance from Matt Frederick, and produced by adventureCORPS. Numerous photos were provided by Dave Nelson and Rolo Tomasi. We hope this gives you a little bit of the feeling of participating in this awesome race and challenging this one-of-a-kind race course.

Race Updates

Race Reports from throughout the race


Pre-Race Meeting and Mug Shots of all Athletes
Racers and crew chow down in Furnace Creek the night before the big race
6am Group before the Start
6am Group Race Start!
6am group on the road
Anne Langstaff and 6am racers start out, then Quinn and Afanador arrive at Furnace creek
8am Pre-Start and Race Start: Getting ready and then off they go!
8am Race Start!
8am group on the road
8am Group from Badwater to Furnace Creek
10am Pre-Start and Race Start!
10am Group Hits the Road, First Six Miles, Trevino Leading
Furnace Creek to Stovepipe: Staff, Smith, Ciabattini, Frixe, Uli Weber, Verdenet, Finkernagel, Elia, Draxler, and crews
Furnace Creek to Mile 100: Frixe, Weber, Nixon, Denness, Maples, Martin, Merienne, Johnson, Errol Jones, Reg Richard's ambulance stop, Stove Pipe Wells staff, Langstaff, King crew, King, and Afanador
Townes Pass to Keeler: Vulgarian brothers, bats and scorpions, Mann, Rampacek, Verdenet, Minter, Denness, and Langstaff
Furnace Creek to Stovepipe: Duobinis, Ochsner, Humphrey, Trevino, Silver, Minter, Rowe, Mann, Stone, Olmo, Nixon, Hendley, and Elia
Mike Trevino Marches to Lone Pine and up Mt. Whitney to Victory
Race HQ, Afanador goes through Lone Pine, then Afanador, Benike, Dutz, and King finish line shots
Men's Race Champion Mike Trevino Crosses the Finish Line
Finishers: Edwards, Humphries, Kim, and Palocsay
Women's Race Champion Anne Langstaff Races to the Finish Line
Finishers: Scott, Henderson, Stone, Meyer, Cantu, Weber, and Frixe
Finishers: Webb, Silver, Martin, Johnson, Elia, and Rowe
Finishers: Bishop, Schnyder, Scott Weber, Minter, and Lapanja
Finishers: Verdenet, Ochsner, Kapiloff, Rampacek, Farar-Griefer, and Richard
Finishers: Richard, Denness, Mann, and Jones
Finishers: Ciabattini, Olmo, Moon, Duobinis, Tripp, and Finkernagel
Finishers: Croxall, Ulrich, and Nawrocki
The Last Finishers: Hendley, Draxler, Askew, Petersen, Keltner, and the Vulgarian Brothers
Post-Race Get-Together, Friday Evening
Post-Race Get-Together, Saturday Morning
Special Image Gallery starring Langstaff, Mejia, Jones, Afanador, Frixe, Quinn, Verdenet, Minter, Henderson, Edwards, Rampacek, Buck, Trevino, Uli Weber, Maples, Johnson, Schnyder, and others
Marshall Ulrich and Crew Finish the Badwater Quad for Starving Children

Slideshows by World Famous Photographer Rolo Tomasi

Rolo Tomasi's biography and interview
First images: 6am and 8am starts and on the road
Furnace Creek to Stove Pipe Wells: Palocsay, Scott, Cantu, Edwards, Kammler, Langstaff, and Jones
Furnace Creek to Stove Pipe Wells: Palocsay, Jones, Denness, future entrant Angela Brunson, Cantu, Kammler, and Langstaff
Stove Pipe Wells to Panamint: Farar-Griefer, SPW pool, Ulrich, Miller, Afanador, Quinn, MC Hammer and Race Staff
Keeler to Lone Pine: Dutz and King, then Trevino and crew

Multimedia- video, audio, and more

6am Start: Listen (mp3 audio, 65k)
8am Start: Listen (mp3 audio, 50k)
10am Start: Listen (mp3 audio, 49k)
Start # 2 Animation (Flash 5, 166k)
Start # 3 Animation (Flash 5, 238k)
R. Afanador Interview (Flash 5, 385k)