AdventureCORPS Presents the
2001 Badwater Ultramarathon

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Keeler to Lone Pine: Dutz and King, then Trevino and crew
Photos by Rolo Tomasi 7/25/01

B24_0173 B24_0175 B24_0176 B25_0179 B25_0182 B25_0183
B25_0184 B26_0187 B26_0188 B26_0189 B26_0190 B26_0191
B26_0193 B27_0195 B28_0196 B29_0197 B29_0198 B29_0199
B29_0200 B30_0201 B30_0202 B30_0203 B30_0204 B31_0205
B31_0206 B32_0207 B32_0208 B33_0211 B34_0213 B38_0219
B39_0220 B40_0222 B42_0225 B43_0226 B43_0227 B43_0228
B44_0229 B44_0230 B45_0231 B45_0232 B46_0233 B47_0234
B47_0235 B49_0242 B49_0243 B49_0245 B49_0246 B49_0247
B49_0248 B50_0249 B51_0250 B52_0253 B52_0254 B52_0255
B53_0257 B54_0259 B56_0262 B57_0264 B57_0265 B58_0267