2002 Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast

Welcome to the 2002 Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast, produced by AdventureCORPS and hosted exclusively here at www.badwater.com. This webcast is directed by Anurang Revri, an endurance bicyclist and free thinker, Matt Frederick, a new media and identity designer, and Scott McQueeney, a network solutions provider and Badwater veteran. Numerous photos were provided by Chris Kostman, Dave Nelson, Eric Ostendorff, Len Bertain, and other members of the race staff. Click below for all the info about the 2002 race. We hope this gives you a little bit of the feeling of participating in this awesome race and challenging this one-of-a-kind race course.

Basic Information

Pre-Race Press Release
Race Roster
Race Reports from throughout the race
Results plus Time Splits through all Time Stations for all Runners
Race results without time splits
Post-Race Press Release / Race Story
Post-Race Round of Applause
Download the 53 page 2002 Badwater Ultramarathon Race Magazine. It contains all pertinent race information, rules, route, maps, heat training info, an up-to-date history of the race, a reprint of a 1978 article about Al Arnold, and much more. It's a Pdf file of nearly 3 meg's.


Primary Shows

Runner Mug Shots at Check-In, July 22
Pre-race meeting and Al Arnold Hall of Fame Induction, July 22
6am Group: Pre-Start, Start, and First Few Miles, July 23
6 AM Start Wave, Between Badwater and Furnace Creek, July 23
8am Group: Pre-Start, Start, First Miles, July 23
10am Group: Pre-Start, Start, First Miles, July 23
10am top 10 runners on the way to Furnace Creek, July 23
Furnace Creek to Sand Dunes, 6am, 8am, and 10am runners, July 23
6am Runners between Furnace Creek and Stovepipe, July 23
6am Runners (and some 8am and 10am) between Furnace Creek and Stovepipe, July 23
Sand Dunes to Stove Pipe, then Panamint, 6am, 8am, and 10am runners, July 23
6am Group Leaders: Stovepipe - Townes Pass - Panamint, July 23
Select Pictures: Badwater to Panamint, Mostly 6am Runners, July 23
Panamint to Lone Pine: Reed, Johnson, Smith, Hannaford, and Scholz, July 23
Staff Pictures and Final Ascent for second set of finishers
One Champion Meets Another - Anne Langstaff meets Al Arnold
Some of the Race Staff in Action: Scott McQueeney, Anurang Revri, Bruce Gungle, and Chris Kostman
Thursday Night Post-Race Get-Together by Matt Frederick
Thursday Night Post-Race Get-Together by Chris Kostman


Badwater Desktop Picture for your Mac or PC - Photo by Matt Frederick - (Image is 1600x1200)

Finish Line Shows

Pam Reed Finish Line in 27:56:56 Course Record, July 23
Pam Reed Finish Line Crew, Interview and Medal Presentation, July 23
Finishers: Mark Johnson, Darren Worts, and Linda McFadden
Finishers: Mark Johnson, Dave Hannaford, Monica Scholz, and Peter Mueller
Finishers: Lisa Smith, Jan Ryerse, Marshall Ulrich, and George Biondic
Finishers: Debra Horn, Steven Silver, David Lazenby, Jody-Lynn Reicher, and Terry Graves, Jr.
Finishers: Bill Menard, John Radich, Jay Anderson, Angela Brunson, Tia Rosen, Leon Draxler, Margie Schlundt, and Bob Sitler
Finishers: Barbara Elia, Mike Smith, Chris Frost, Major Curt Maples, Toni Miller, Arthur Webb, and Vito Bialla
Finishers: Ruben Cantu, Dave Remington, David Jackson, Holger Finkernagel, and Jürgen Hoffman
Finishers: Eberhard Frixe, Uli Weber, Randy Klassen, Wendell Doman, and Jean-Jacques Merienne
Finishers: Mike Henebry, Paul Stone, Kari Marchant, Keith Alan Peterson, and Michael Doppelmayr
Finishers: Blaise Supler, Anita-Marie Fromm, Ernie Rambo, Stephan Matsuda, Michael Haviland, and Rick Nawrocki
Finishers: Greg Minter, Christpher Rampacek, Don Lundell, and Jack Denness
Finishers: Ian Parker and Winfried Friedel

Additional Shows

Pre-Race Meeting, July 22, plus 6am Start to Furnace Creek, and more, July 23
6am and 10am Starts and On the Road
8am Start to Furnace Creek, July 23
Furnace Creek to Stove Pipe Wells, 6am and 8am groups, July 23
Badwater to Furnace Creek, 10am group, July 23
Beyond Furnace Creek to Stove Pipe and up Townes Pass, July 23
Coming into Stove Pipe, July 23
Townes Pass to Panamint to the Finish, July 23 and 24
Darwin Checkpoint afternoon July 24
Panamint to Darwin to the Finish Line, July 24
2002 Race Show by Luis Escobar, crew/pacer for finisher Mark Johnson, USMC

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