AdventureCORPS Presents the
2002 Badwater Ultramarathon

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6am Group: Pre-Start, Start, and First Few Miles
Photos by Chris Kostman, July 23, 2002

R0010118 R0010119 R0010120 R0010121 R0010122 R0010123
R0010124 R0010125 R0010126 R0010127 R0010128 R0010129
R0010130 R0010131 R0010132 R0010133 R0010134 R0010135
R0010136 R0010137 R0010138 R0010139 R0010140 R0010141
R0010142 R0010143 R0010144 R0010145 R0010146 R0010147
R0010148 R0010149 R0010150 R0010151 R0010152 R0010153
R0010154 R0010155 R0010157 R0010158 R0010159 R0010161