The 2004 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast, July 12-14, 2004

Dean Karnazes is the official winner of the 2004 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon in a time of 27:22:48. Ferg Hawke was in the lead going through Lone Pine by a margin of two minutes. Karnazes closed the gap while climbing the last 13 miles to Whitney Portals, putting Hawke in second place with a time of 27:30:20. Monica Scholz bested her 2003 time by four hours, taking third again overall and first female. Following Scholz was the two-time defending champion Pam Reed, placing fourth overall this year and second female.


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Pre-race meeting participant photos (the Mugshots) Curt Maples, USMC, prepares to run Badwater in Iraq in support of Iraqi children. Canadian Ferg Hawke, an 800am starter, crosses the finish line in 27 hours, 30 mins, 20 secs, then waits to see if he won
Pre-race meeting and Hall of Fame induction Curt Maples in Iraq: Baghdad Badwater Start and Early Miles 1000am starter Dean Karnazes crosses the finish line seven minutes faster than Hawke
6AM Start and on the Road Baghdad Badwater: Curt Maples runs 135 miles in Iraq Monica Sholz takes third
8AM Start Maples nears the 95-mile point after running for more than 24 hours at Camp Taqaddum, Iraq Pam Reed takes fourth
8AM on the Road Maples at his finish line at Camp Taqaddum, Iraq Jim Scott and Antony Brimsted take fifth and sixth
10AM Start and on the Road


Watch all 2004 videos on our YouTube channel!

Watch all 2004 videos on our YouTube channel!

Angel Perez, Guenter Boehnke and Juergen Hofmann
8AM Start Chris Frost and Said Kahla
10AM Start to Furnace Creek Robert Wimmer, Rudy Afanador and Uli Weber
10AM Starters pass the Telescope Peak Sign Mark Morris, George Biondic and Adalberto Mendoza finish the race
10AM Start Lisa Stranc-Bliss and Carolyn Smith
10AM Starters nearing Furnace Creek Frank Fumich, Eberhard Frixe, and Burkhard Baier
Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells - All Runners Marvin Snowbarger, Peter Mueller, Ruben Cantu, Thorsten Treptow, and Bruce Gungle
Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells - All Runners James Nelson, Pierre Ostor and Dan Marinsik
Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells - All Runners Michael Doppelmayr, Mike Stephens, and Art Webb
Stovepipe Wells to Townes Pass Ian Parker, Marshall Ulrich annd Mike Brooks
Panamint to Darwin and towards Lone Pine James Smith, Francesca Conte and Charlie Liskey
  Hawke and other attractions on Whitney Portal Thomas Betz, Lynne Stark, Jody-Lynne Reicher, and John Radich
  Lone Pine - various runners and webcast team Jim Bodoh, David Horsley, Francis Faure, and John Butterick
  More craziness from Lone Pine and the Webcast crew Wayne Simpson, Jay Birmingham, and Mike Karch
  Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells Philippe De Witte, Eric Pence, and Albert Martens
  Stovepipe Wells to Townes Pass Kym McConnell, Herbert Hausmann, Alfred Gerauer, Karl Keltner
  Lone Pine to Finish Jack Denness, honorable mention finisher

Race Staff

Webcast produced by: Keith Kostman, Anna Boldon, Mike Schafer, Steven Matsuda, Poosa, and Chris Kostman.

Webcast photos by: Chris Kostman, Dave Remington, Laurie Hennessy, Erika Gerhardt, Kelly Clancy Garvey, Keith Kostman, and others.

Race Operations Staff: Mike Angelos, Hal Beery, Liza Carlson, Dan Dominy, Leon Draxler, Jon Friedline, Kelly Clancy Garvey, Joe Garza, Jr., Erika Gerhardt, Laurie Hennessy, Jeff Key, Don Meyer, Dave and Margaret Nelson, Dave Remington, Nancy Shura, Steve Teal, Dr. Kent Wang, John Wiley, Jamie Wiley, Dr. Joseph Zimmerman.

This Webcast was produced entirely on Macintosh laptop computers: G4 Powerbook (Panther), G4 iBook, G3 Powerbook (Lombardy), and a G4 Ti Powerbook.