AdventureCORPS Presents the
2005 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon

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AdventureCORPS Presents the 2005 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon
Photos by Jim Freim, July 10, 2005 - See below for comments from each runner!
Runner Mugshots, an annual tradition

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Pre-Race Soundbites

Compiled by Adeline Goss, immediately after the thrill of the mugshot!

Ferg Hawke (Canada) #2
"Do I look scared?  I should be.  Help!" 

Monica Scholz (Canada) #3
"So glad to be here again."

Pamela Reed (USA) #4
"I'm just gonna do my own thing."

Christopher Bergland (USA) #5
No comment.

Ruben Cantu (USA) #6
"Welcome to the land of two brain cells."

Arthur Webb (USA) #7
"I always say it-- but if you can do Badwater, you can do anything."

Jody-Lynn Reicher (USA) #9
"Let me quote Booker T. Washington: 'I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by hating him.'"

Scott Weber (USA) #10
"Tenth finish."

Curt Maples (USA) #13
"It's good to be home."

Adalberto Mendosa (USA) #14
No comment.

Shannon Farar-Griefer (USA) #15
"I'm only doing the one way this year.  I love my family, friends, crew and sponsors."

Linda McFadden (USA) #16
"Have fun!"

Marshall Ulrich (USA) #17
"On the road again."

John Butterick (USA) #18
"It's a great race.  I look forward to a better time this year."

Noora Alidina (USA) #19
"I'm feeling great, very excited."

Nancy Warren (USA) #20
"Just looking forward to the journey."

Marina “Mimi” Anderson (UK) #21

Marianne Blangy (France) #22
"I'm very happy to be here because I really love the scenery—it's the first time I've come to this part of the States."

Sigrid Eichner (Germany) #23
"Greetings to my children and my grandchildren, and for the members of the 100 marathon club-- and to my mother."

Jean Jacques Merienne (France) #24
No comment.

Nikki Seger (USA) #26
No comment.

Christine Sell (Germany) #27
"I want to reach the finish line."

Judit Pallos (USA) #28
"I thank everybody for the encouragement.  They believe in me so much."

Jacqueline Simonsen (USA) #30
"Enjoy the journey."

Mark Cockbain (England) #32
"I can't believe I'm back again."

Dr. Said Kahla (Germany) #33
"I'm happy.  I hope it's hotter tomorrow than right now."

Stephane Lemaitre (France) #34
No comment.

Greg Eason (USA) #35
No comment.

Nathan Ochsner (USA) #36
No comment.

Karlheinz Kobus (Germany) #38
No comment.

Steve Teal (USA) #39
"I just hope everybody gets what they're looking for."

Matthew Sessions (Canada) #40
No comment.

David Harper (USA) #41
"I'm thrilled to be here.  This is my first time.  It's going to be spectacular."

Frank McKinney (USA) #42
"A rookie who by the end will be a veteran."

Charlie Engle (USA) #43
"I'm having three toes removed to eliminate blisters.  My plan is to start off really easy and slow down."

Greg Minter (USA) #44
"This is the third time—just back for more fun."

Charlie Vincent (Monaco) #45
No comment.

David Jackson (USA) #46
"I hope it's not hot."

Tim Kjenstad (USA) #47
No comment.

Thomas Betz (France) #48
"My plan is to do it under 40 hours, and I want to go up to the summit."

Roy Wallack (USA) #49
"Too damn hot for too damn long."

Mike Sweeney (USA) #50
No comment.

Juergen Hofmann (Germany) #53
"I hope my time is less than 40 hours.  Last year, I had 37 hours, and it would be super if I have 36 hours this time."

William Menard (USA) #54
"One more time."

Miles Hilton-Barber (UK) #56
"I'll finish."

Norm Albert (USA) #57
"I'm running for Azalea charities, which gives aid to wounded soldiers who are going through rehab.  I'll be running for these soldiers-- they can't give up as they recover from their injuries."

Geoffrey Hilton-Barber  (South Africa) #58
No comment.

Klaus Micka (Germany) #59
"I just want to finish."

Frank (Jim) Ingalls (USA) #60
"There are a lot of people in Wichita Falls I want to say hi to-- thanks for their help and support through the past months.  Thanks to my crew."

Gérard Bavato (France) #61
"This is my first time.  I've always dreamed of doing Badwater, and in 2005 my dream will come true."

Holger Finkernagel (Germany) #62
"This is the fourth time.  I hope to finish!"

Cain Gérard (France) #63
No comment yet.  At the end!

John Dodds (USA) #64
"I'm finally here, ready to go."

Jason Dorgan (USA) #65
"I'm looking forward to it."

Andrew Elder (UK) #66
"I'm gagging for it."

Rob Harsh (USA) #67
"This is my first time.  It's hot here."

Jack Humphrey (USA) #68
"I can't believe I'm back again—the pain, the pain of it."

Jack Denness (England) #70
"They should have a compulsory retirement age of 70."

Pierre Ostor (USA) #71
No comment.

Carl Hunt (USA) #72
"Just glad to be here."

Mark Kahler (USA) #73
"Let's get it over with."

Dan Marinsik (USA) #74
"No comment—I'm an introvert."

Ian Parker (USA) #75
No comment.

Patrick Cande (French Polynesia) #76
"We are here, we will finish.  Veni vidi vici."

John Radich (USA) #77
"All the best to everybody—have a safe run and an enjoyable experience."

Wayne Simpson (UK) #78
No comment.

Daniel Jensen (USA) #55
"Have patience."

Flip Jergens (South Africa) #79
"I'm just anxious to get started."

Guido Kunze (Germany) #80
"This is my first race."

Mario Lacerda (Brazil) #81
"It is an honor to be here."

Rainer Lösch (Germany) #82
"I hope I finish."

Mike Lynch (USA) #83
"This had better be the last time. (Fueled by Chang'aa)"

Thorsten Treptow (Germany) #84
"Enjoy, make friends."

Jean Michel Monot (French Polynesia) #85
No comment.

Jack Murray (USA) #86
"Thank you to my crew for all their support, and to everyone at home that supported me.  Let's rock and roll."

Stéphane Pelissier (France) #87
"Le lundi 11/07/05 sera une belle journee pour courrir et surtout arriver au bout."

Bernhard Sesterheim (Germany) #88
No comment.

Albert Vallee (France) #89
"When I think of the great American desert and how hot it is, the distance seems unreasonable.  It's going to be really interesting to see what happens.  This is my fourth desert race this year—I've done Morocco,  Mauritania, Algiers, and now this."

Ray Zahab (Canada) #90
No comment.

Scott Jurek (USA) #100
"It's gonna be fun.  Looking forward to the new challenge."