AdventureCORPS Presents
The 2005 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon Webcast

Scott Jurek is the 2005 Kiehl's Badwater Ulramarathon Champion with a Course Record of 24:36:08

Pam Reed is the First Woman Across the Finish Line in 30:29:55


Video 1:
6am Start
Video 2:
8am Start
Video 3:
10am Start
Video 4:
Medical Study
Video 5:
R.D. Chris Kostman Interview
Video 6:
Scott Jurek Finish
Video 7:
Scott Jurek Interview
Video 8:
Ferg Hawke Finish

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Feature Stories

Race Slide Shows

Race Slide Shows

Finisher Slide Shows

Pre-Race Meeting Furnace Creek to Stove Pipe Wells Scott Jurek and Ferg Hawke, first and second place finishers
Runner Mugshots, an annual tradition Stove Pipe Wells Charlie Engle, Albert Vallee, Pam Reed
Pre-Race Meeting Up Townes Pass Late Afternoon Dodds, Hofmann, Cande, Bergland, Monot
6am Start Line - Crews Get Ready Townes Pass: Frontrunners Bergland, Jurek, Hawke, Sweeney, Dodds Jason Dorgan, Marshall Ulrich, Mike Sweeney, Guido Kunze
6am Start Line Townes Pass, late afternoon Judit Pallos, Mark Kahler, Monica Scholz
6am Start and on the Road Stove Pipe Wells to Panamint Springs Murray, Kahla, Albert, Eason, Betz, Tilden, Finkernagel
6am Group on the Road Race Leaders into Panamint Springs: Sweeney, Jurek, Hawke, and Bergland Warren, Hunt, McFadden, Alidina, Reicher, Anderson, Treptow
8am Start Line Townes Pass to Panamint Springs (late night) Jergens, Hilton-Barber, Seger, Ochsner, Cain, Sessions
8am Start and on the Road Panamint Springs to Father Crowley: through the night Cockbain, Teal, Jackson, Webb, McKinney, Radich, Farar-Griefer, Pelissier

Bonus Slideshows

By Pro Photog Dave Nelson!

8am Group on the Road Darwin toward Lone Pine: Race Leaders Bergland, Reed, Engle, Sweeney, Hawke, Jurek Micka, Menard, Simonsen, Eichner, Harsh, Parker, Butterick, Humphrey, Lynch, Lösch
6am and 8am Waves by Dave Nelson 10am Start Line Panamint Springs to Darwin - Day Two Kobus, Seisterheim, Harper, Simpson, Ingalls, Marinsik, Minter
10am Wave by Dave Nelson 10am on the Road Lone Pine and Staff Scott Weber, Dan Jensen, Jack Denness, Andrew Elder
Approaching Furnace Creek by Dave Nelson 10am Start and on the Road Lone Pine and Portal Road (Part 1) Christine Sell: The Final Approach and Triumphant Finish of the last runner on the course
Approaching Stove Pipe Wells by Dave Nelson Furnace Creek to Stove Pipe Wells (part 1) Lone Pine and Portal Road (Part 2) Post Race Party
Townes Pass by Dave Nelson Furnace Creek to Stove Pipe Wells (part 2) Lone Pine: Dodds, Jensen, Minter, Marinsik, Simpson More Post Race Party
All through the Night by Dave Nelson

Webcast Team: Keith Kostman, Anna Boldon, Mike Schafer, Tracy Fawns, Jim Fawns, Adeline Goss, Chris Kostman, and Poosa.

Webcast Photography: Chris Kostman, Anna Boldon, Shayne Garvey, Mike Angelos, Dave Remington, Dave and Margaret Nelson.

Webcast Videos: Mike Schafer

Race Operations Team: Mike Angelos, Leon Draxler, John Wiley, Phil and Kari Marchant, Joe Garza Jr., Don Meyer, Jim Freim, Randy Klassen, Bruce Gungle, Mike Henebry, Scott Wall, Andrew Mitchell, Nathan Phelps, Chris Kostman, Laurie Streff, and many others.

Medical Team: Dr. Lisa Bliss; David Bliss; Dr. Joe Chorley; Shayne Garvey, EMT; David Heckman, EMT; Dr. Jeff Lynn; Dr. Thomas Peters; Marvin Snowbarger; Dr. Kent Wang.

Video News Release: Dan Dominy and Bonnie Ernst.

This Webcast produced entirely on Macintosh laptop computers: G4 Ti Powerbook, G4 Powerbook, G4 iBook, G3 Powerbook.

Scott Jurek Approaches Mt. Whitney by Dave Nelson