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Jody-Lynn Reicher at Darwin

Tracy Fawns (Tuesday, July 12, 2005)

At 10:32 this morning, in 89-degree heat, along came Jody-Lynn Reicher into Time Station #4, full of eagerness and excitement at her current progress and the finish line in sight. She took a bit of a break, taking time to sip more water and chat with her crew and with the Badwater staff. She said that it was really the sun, more than the heat, that beat her down yesterday. Said Jody-Lynn, "The sun was just so intense. If there was just a bit of shade, I could handle the heat. Perhaps it is because it is so close to the summer solstice." She is just a tad sunburned but is taking great precautions to keep her skin covered and her morale high. She has a great crew and they are to be commended on their superb job with their racer from Midland Park, New Jersey. Jody-Lynn had stated before the race that she really wanted to improve on her performances in the past and she wanted another opportunity to win. Her 3 attempts made at Badwater, and her 2 finishing experiences have each been different. She stated that there is always more to learn. As she left the time station she sported a huge grin and a positive outlook. Go Jody-Lynn!