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DNF- The Three Dreaded Letters

Tracy Fawns
Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Unfortunately, there are always a few DNFs (did not finish) at Badwater and at almost every other race. This year is no exception. With sadness, I report that Curt Maples has finally DNFd at Stovepipe Wells. Like a trouper, he continued on after his bout with trying to keep foods down as he approached the first time station in Furnace Creek yesterday morning/afternoon. While I have not had a chance to talk directly with Curt or his crew, I know that he surely is disappointed.

Also disappointing to report is the DNF of Marianne Blangy, the tough lady from France. This was her rookie year and she gave it her all. I hope that she will return to the Badwater course as well. It was a pleasure to enjoy watching Marianne and her crew and the combined determination.

Also on the DNF list are Gérard Bavato, Stephane Lamaitre, Charlie Vincent, Ray Zahab, and Miles Hilton-Barber. It is also so disappointing and heartbreaking to see a DNF behind any name. Each of these racers really gave it their all. I had the privilege of walking with some of these racers, talking with their crews, and/or taking their pictures. Each of these folks has a unique and motivating story. I am so saddened by their fate this year. To each of you, I can only hope that this course will not beat you, but that you may beat this course. I am honored to have met you and to have seen you on the course.