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Almost There

Tracy Fawns
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

With only 4 miles to go, Dan Marinsik, 46, from San Jose, California, is slowly approaching the finish line with determination as well as yearning to have the race over. Dan is experiencing some major chaffing problems with his legs and has had to apply 'Second Skin' in order to keep the chaffing to a minimum. He has the usual Badwater-induced blisters, but overall his feet are holding up pretty well. His crew was rooting him on for the last few miles of the race and he has his eyes focused on the pavement, taking one small step at a time. His race is inspirational as he keeps so focused and intent to finish. If I remember correctly, I think it was Dan's crew that told me that early in the race, they had noticed him hobbling kind of bizarrely, leaned over just a bit, not realizing that the heat from the road had actually melted one of his shoes and the sole was completely removed, making one shoe lopsided. Crazy.

Then I saw a lady in a bikini. This was Wayne Simpon's pacer. He said he didn't have it too bad, saying, "I'm walking with a woman in a bikini!" I hopped out of the car to grab a couple of photos of Wayne as they exclaimed, "Look! The paparazzi are here to catch you on film!" He is pushing wonderfully, climbing like a champion, and well on his way to a Badwater finish.

A little further up the climb, getting ready to take in the emotions of a Badwater finish, is David Harper, a financial planner from Clermont, Florida. Coming out of Lone Pine, he made a determined decision to push the pedal to the metal and was cruising up the climb with any hesitation in his step. His crew said that he is climbing so strong merely on willpower and the desire to finish. Go David, go!