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Up, Up, and Away

byTracy Fawns
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

On the long, long climb up to the finish line at Whitney Portals, is a 2-time Badwater finisher by the name of Greg Minter, 44, an entreprenuer from Los Angeles. He is nursing a very sore left ankle and is plodding along slowly but surely, with the help of his pacer. Taking a little break soon after I met up with his crew, he enjoyed a can of cold soup, a wet sponge over his head, and the shade of an umbrella which his crewmember held over him. He has 2 men and 1 female on his crew. Greg wrote for the Badwater webcast in 2003. Also, for all you single gals out there, Greg is single and very available. I can tell you from personally watching him that he is absolutely adorable.

Jack Denness, the 70-year-old racer, is back in a great groove, pushing up the climb in British style, looking satisfied with his progress and sporting a grin, albeit a bit forced due to exhaustion. What an inspiration he is. This is truly an inspirational race with Jack blessing us with such an outstanding performance at 70 years of age. Truly remarkable.

Also on the long, 13-mile climb out of Lone Pine to the finish line at Whitney Portals is Jim Ingalls, with only 9 miles left to go. Earlier in the race he had told me that he would absolutely make it to the Father Crowley pullout at mile 80. Not only did he make it, he did so in style. He is still looking fresh and is extremely lucid and talkative. It was a pleasure to chat with him and his crew as he tore up the pavement during his strong climb to the finish. He appreciated the fact that the webcast team was out there cheering him on and he said it was one of the things that was keeping him going. Jim, I am sure proud of you and extremely happy on your upcoming Badwater finish! Way to go!