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Badwater Staff

Tracy Fawns
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

With the Badwater staff, there would be no race. I haven't had the chance to meet every staff member, as there are so many that are behind the scenes or ones that I have just not had time to meet while busying myself with the webcast duties.

However, there are some really dedicated individuals out here and I would like to mention a few of them.

Leon Draxler is manning Time Station One, in Furnace Creek, as well the Time Station Three in Panamint Springs. Leon has raced Badwater previously and enjoys helping out at Badwater. Over 2 days after the starting gun, Leon was finally able to get a good 12-hour sleep. Dedication like this is normally unseen by the racers, as time station check-ins are so quick. Also serving at time stations are John Wiley, Phil and Kari Marchant, Joe Garza, Nathan Phelps, and Poosa Kostman.

The medical team consists of Lisa and David Bliss, Joe Chorley, Shayne Garvey, David Heckamn, Jeff Lynn, Thomas Peters, Marvin Snowbarger, and Kent Wang. The medical team ensures the safety of all of the racers, tending to every emergency need including dehydration and/or injuries (but not blisters; that's the crew's responsibility).

Mike Angelos, AKA "Ice Man," ensures that everybody on the course has a good supply of ice. He is roving around on the course, looking for those that are in need. This is a very essential part of Badwater, as ice is at a premium and much sought after. Sometimes stores that have any ice available are too far away from the racer and crew.

The webcast team consists of Keith Kostman, Anna Boldon, Mike Shafer, Adeline Goss, as well as myself along with my dad, Jim Fawns.

I can say, from personally meeting most of the staff and witnessing their jobs, that each staff member is absolutely dedicated to the race making Badwater a professional race and experience for racers, crews, and other staff members.