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The 2007 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon Race Webcast

Race Stories

Akos Konya and David Goggins: Friends and Competitors: Read Story

Past Champions and Contenders Weigh in on this Year's Race: Read Story

Truly Mobile: Badwater Medical Team: Read Story

Toeing the Line: Read Story

Welcome to Death Valley: Read Story

Achim Heukemes: Across Australia and Beyond Badwater: Read Story

If the Sock Fits, it Must be Injinji: Read Story

The Colors of Badwater: Read Story

Martin Franklin and The Coleman Company: Read Story

Comments from Crews in Death Valley: Read Story

Kiehl's and Badwater, a Perfect Partnership: Read Story

Nunez Blazes to record Smashing Finish: Read Story

David Balsley - ASPIRE: Read Story

Matukaitis and Lint, Youngest Entrants: Read Story

Vito Bialla and Semper Fi Fund: Read Story

Frank McKinney and The Caring House Project Foundation: Read Story

Race Reports from The Portal Road: Read Story

Fatton and Vallée: Read Story

Audio Interviews

All audio Interviews by Marlis Schmidt

Pre-Race Comments (Foreign) Listen

Pre-Race Comments (English) Listen

Pre-Race Comments (English) Listen

Mid-Race Comments Listen

Team Brazil Interview Listen

David Balsey (runner) and Sarah Reinertsen (crew member) Listen

Ben and Denise Jones: 2007 Badwater Hall of Fame Inductees Listen

Denise Jones: The Blister Queen Listen

Anita Marie Fromm and Crew Listen

Martin Franklin and his "Wounded Warrior" Crew Member Listen

Race to the Top: A selection of various comments and thoughts Listen


2007 Party Video: Watch Video

6:00 AM Start: Watch Video

8:00 AM Start: Watch Video

10:00 AM Start: Watch Video

Race Champion Valmir Nunes (Pt1):
Watch Video

Race Champion Valmir Nunes (Pt 2):
Watch Video

Akos Konya, 2nd place (Pt 1): Watch Video

Akos Konya, 2nd place (Pt 2): Watch Video

David Goggins, 3rd place: Watch Video

Jorge Pacheco, 4th place: Watch Video

Women's Champion Lisa Bliss: Watch Video

Noora Alidina: 2nd Place Female:
Watch Video

Badwater Medical Study: Watch Video

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Race Photo Galleries

IMG_1369 Racer Mug Shots
by Jeff Martin
Pre-Race Set-Up and Runner Check-in
by Anna Boldon and Chris Kostman
IMG_1369 Runner Check-In and Pre-Race Meeting
by Anna Boldon
6am Pre-Start
by Anna Boldon
IMG_1369 6am Start and on the Road
by Chris Kostman
8am Pre-Start
by Wendy Barth
8am Start and on the Road
by Chris Kostman
10am Pre-Start
by Wendy Barth
10am Pre-Start
by Anna Boldon
10am Start and on the Road
by Chris Kostman
Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells
by Chris Kostman
Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells
by Anna Boldon
Runners and Staff at Stovepipe Wells
by Anna Boldon
Stovepipe Wells to Panamint
by Anna Boldon
Stove Pipe Wells and up Townes Pass
by Chris Kostman
Up and Over Townes Pass to Panamint—Race Leaders
by Chris Kostman
Along the Route
by Poosa Kostman
Along the Route and mostly Lone Pine
by Poosa Kostman
CIMG0467 Portal Road Time Station
by Karen Gray
IMG_5264 Post-Race Pizza Party
by Anna Boldon

Finish Line Photo Galleries

IMG_1369 Valmir Nunez and Akos Konya: 1st and 2nd place
by Chris Kostman
IMG_1369 David Goggins and Jorge Pacheco: 3rd and 4th place
by Chris Kostman
Charlie Engle, Danny Westergaard, Christian Fatton, Adalberto Mendoza
by Chris Kostman
Albert Vallee, Blake Benke, David Jones, Dean Karnazes
by Chris Kostman
Greg Pressler, Gerhard Lusskandl, Achim Heukemes, John Radich
by Chris Kostman
Eberhard Frixe, Neil Runions, Brian Kuhn, John Rennison
by Chris Kostman
Anton Millar, Women's Champ Lisa Bliss, Tom Triumph, Noora Aldina (2nd)
by Chris Kostman
Jerry Vondruska, Kim Rasmussen, Henri Alain D'Andria, Tracy Thomas
by Chris Kostman
Klaus Neumann, Gary Hilliard, Arthur Webb, Bonnie Busch
by Chris Kostman
Todd Baum, Nattu Natraj, Tim Neckar, Pierre Ostor
by Chris Kostman
Jamie Huneycutt, Martin Franklin, Annie Monot, Adam Lint (youngest finisher)
by Chris Kostman
Jonathan Gunderson, Anita Marie Fromm, Fred Pollard, Jamie Donaldson, Peter Meyer
by Chris Kostman
Brett Sublett, Marshall Ulrich, Lisa Smith-Batchen, Linda McFadden
by Chris Kostman
Barbara Elias, Gabor Kozinc, Jim Ingalls, Ludovic Chorgnon, Dagmar Grossheim, Dave Remington
by Chris Kostman
Chris Frost, Tim Kjenstad, Mark Cockbain, Dave Harper
by Chris Kostman
Marianne Blangy, Philippe Grizzard, Steve Teal, Jack Humphrey, James Smith
by Chris Kostman
Frank McKinney, Jan Hermann, Dan Marinsik, Kent Moeller
by Chris Kostman
Manoel de Jesus Mendes, Erhard Weiss, Ian Parker, Kira Matukaitis (youngest female)
by Chris Kostman
Anne Langstaff, Scott Jacaway, Robin Smit (age 70), Monica Otero
by Chris Kostman
Final Finishers Nikki Seger and Stephen Hudgens,
by Chris Kostman

Race Updates

Race Updates by Badwater Media Liaison, Paul Skilbeck

#1: Furnace Creek, Calif. (July 23, 2007) 12:57 PST.—The 30th anniversary Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon began to take shape as runners enjoyed continuing overcast skies and relatively cool—if humid—temperatures around 112F, and kept pressure on the course record. Read full report

#2: Panamint Springs, Calif. (July 23, 2007) 23:36PST.—The 30th anniversary Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon started this morning at Badwater, Death Valley, when 84 of the world's top ultradistance runners set off under overcast skies and in relatively cool temperatures, with an expected high today of 112F in Furnace Creek. Read full report

#3: Lone Pine, Calif. (July 24, 2007) 12:23 PST. The two year-old course record for the Kiehl’s Badwater Ultramarathon was smashed by the rookie runner Valmir Nunes, 43, of Brazil, who came back from third place to take a hard-earned race win after an eventful night. His finishing time of 22:51:29 was a long way inside the previous mark of 24:36:08, set by Scott Jurek in 2005. Read full report

#4: Lone Pine, Calif. (July 24, 2007) 00:00 PST– In a day of upheaval in the women’s field, Lisa Bliss, 39, of Spokane, Wash., turned the tables on her rivals and emerged as a surprised winner of the 2007 Kiehl’s Badwater Ultramarathon with a time of 34:33:40. Read full report

#5: Lone Pine, Calif. (July 25, 2007) – 12:17 PST – With the men’s and women’s races won, the focus turned to the multitude of middle- and back-pack runners who were finishing the 2007 Kiehl’s Badwater Ultramarathon in numbers not seen in recent years, with only five withdrawals, at the time of writing, from the field of 84 starters. Read full report

#6: Lone Pine, Calif. (July 26, 2007) – 10:45 PST – The 30th anniversary Kiehl’s Badwater Ultramarathon turned out to be a record breaking foot race that was extraordinary in many ways. Read full post-race press release and race recap. Read the version published in Ultra Running Magazine

Race Staff

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Webcast Audio Team: Marlis Schmidt, Sasha Edge, and Maxwell Lucas

Webcast Photography: Chris Kostman, Anna Boldon, Mike Angelos, Dave and Margaret Nelson

PR Director and Media Liaison: Paul Skilbeck

Race Operations Team: Mike Angelos, Poosa Kostman, Jack and Mags Denness, Don Meyer, Randy Klassen, Ruben Cantu, Joe Garza, Eric Wilson, Steve and Karen Gray, Bruce Gungle, Carolyn Campbell, John Wiley, Phil Marchant, Jay Hodde, Cory Linkel, Mike Henebry, Scott Wall, Jeff Martin, Jo Carmichael, Scott Wall, Lissette Baker, Wendy Barth, and Chris Kostman

Foot Care: John Vonhof, along with the duo: Don Lundell and Gillian Robinson

Medical Team: Kent Wang, Jeff Lynn, Andy Jacobson, Anthony "Woofie" Humpage, Shayne Garvey, Scott Snyder, Kate Felix, and Megan Dell

Video News Release: Dan Dominy and Lana Corless

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