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The 2007 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon Race Webcast

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Matukaitis and Lint - Youngest Entrants

By Steve Matsuda

Adam Lint is the youngest runner in the 2007 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon. The 24-year-old rookie is a Graduate Student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He acknowledged that he's been unable to train in the heat, but has changed his runs to the middle of the day and often runs twice daily. That's how he's been able to log 130 miles per week training for Badwater.

Lint completed his first marathon at age 17 and his first ultramarathon at 19. He's done five ultras, including a 7th place finish at the Vermont 100 and an overall win this year at the Laurel Highlands 70.5 miler. He had logged exactly 20,000 lifetime running miles on the day he applied to Badwater.

Lint's Badwater crew consists of his sister and two of his running friends. His goal is to go under 30 hours, which he knows is a very high standard. But Lint is looking for a challenge, which is why he's doing Badwater.

Kira Matukaitis, 30, of Alexandria, VA is the youngest female entrant in this year's race. Though she's only been running for about two years, she's already completed a couple of 100-mile races. Coached by Lisa Smith-Batchen, Matukaitis' goal is to buckle.

In May, she started a new business venture called Doggy Jog, which allows her to combine two things she loves, running and animals. She estimates she gets in an extra 6-7 miles per day with her canine training partners.

Though she's a relatively new runner, Badwater has been that one big race, kind of like the Holy Grail. She's proud to say that he crew includes two Marines, one Navy Seal, two doctors and her friend Mark. She recognizes the challenge but feels ready.