Finisher Data Analysis: Badwater Ultramarathon, 1990-Present

Course Records & Results Results Database with ALL data from 1987 through the present
YearStartersFinishersBuckle Cut-OffSub 60hrSub 48hrSub 40hrSub 34hrNew Male Record?New Female Record?
YearStartersFinishersBuckle Cut-OffSub 60hrSub 48hrSub 40hrSub 34hrNew Male Record?New Female Record?
2013968148 HoursN/A84%39%23%
201296 8948 HoursN/A93%71%34%
2011948148 HoursN/A86%76%20%
2010807348 Hours91%83%51%19%26:16:12
2009867548 Hours87%77%47%24%
5 Year Average877689%85%57%24%
2008827548 Hours91%83%37%10%26:51:33
2007847848 Hours93%77%47%18%22:51:29
2006856748 Hours79%62%24%13%
2005816748 Hours83%56%22%7%24:36:08
2004725748 Hours79%58%28%8%
5 Year Average80.868.885%67%32%11%
2003734648 Hours63%42%14%5%
2002785848 Hours74%47%12%4%27:56:47
2001715548 Hours77%46%14%7%
2000694948 Hours71%41%16%12%25:09:0529:48:27
1999423348 Hours78%60%26%12%27:49:0036:58:00
5 Year Average66.648.273%47%16%8%
1998292048 Hours69%41%17%10%28:09:00
1997272048 Hours74%44%26%3%29:10:0037:01:00
1996231445 Hours61%35%1%4%33:01:0041:13:00
1995241645 Hours67%38%13%0%
1994251645 Hours64%32%1%4%
5 Year Average25.617.267%38%12%4%
1993121060 Hours83%50%25%17%
1992141360 Hours92%29%14%14%
1991141460 Hours100%71%36%14%
1990211770 Hours81%29%29%14%
4 Year Average15.2513.589%45%26%15%

Notes in Chronological Order

1987 through 1989: Data was not included because it is incomplete and because the route was 11 miles longer than the route used from 1990 through the present.

1990 through 1995: The race began in the evening (a “PM Start”), which is, by all accounts, faster. Thus course records are not noted above.

1999: The feature length documentary film “Running on the Sun” was filmed, creating a larger field than ever before and, we would argue, a higher than average “drive to succeed” due to the plethora of cameras on the course.

2000 to the present: The field became much more international and thus significantly faster and more competitive than previous years. In 2000, the highest placed American was in sixth place, five hours behind the winner. Since then, Americans have won in 2001-2006, 2010 and 2012. In 2007 and 2009, Brazilians won, and in 2008 and 2011, Mexicans did.

2002 and 2003: Pam Reed, a female, won the race overall.

2003: This year, even by Badwater standards, was “extra hot.” Thus the finishing and buckling cut-off averages dipped, rather than rose, that year. Interestingly, the sub-40 hour and sub-34 hour averages rose, so apparently the very top competitors were not negatively affected by the heat.

2011: In light of the increasingly faster finishing times, the overall cut-off was dropped from 60 hours to 48 hours.