Death Valley Hallucinations

1999 finisher

Have now completed Badwater 7 times the following are my best hallucinations, during the night-time, when feeling dog-tired.

1. Near Keeler I saw a space-ship which had smashed into the mountain-side. Smoke was still rising from the crash. Around the space-ship were these tiny aliens. I saw this from a distance of seven miles, but as I neared the crash it turned out to be a large overhanging rock and the aliens were small trees!!!

2. Leaving Father Crowley’s viewpoint, I was followed by the devil himself. He was all red, had horns, fork-tail,and carried a three-pronged tripod. It was quite funny as we both made it like a game. Every time I turned around to look for him, he would dodge behind a tree or rock, just showing his face, so we just both kept laughing at each other.

3. 1994 was strange also. On the return leg of my Death-Valley 300 (out-and-back) nearing Furnace-Creek, a black open-top touring car with people wearing old fashioned clothes kept level with me for quite along time. They just stared straight ahead. A little after that, a plane went taxiing slowly past me. At the plane windows the lights were on and the passengers were watching me!