Feedback about the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon

“I want to thank you for the wonderful effort that you and your staff put forth in conducting the 2005 Badwater race. You did an awesome job, and I was privileged to be a part of it. I look forward to crewing and running this race again in future years.”
– Nikki Seger, 2005 official finisher (rookie entrant, three-time crew veteran)

“I wanted to thank you and the entire staff again for the fine job you did with this year’s race – it was a real pleasure to be back out there even if things did not go my way this time.”
– Curt Maples, 2005 participant, three-time finisher

“I just wanted to let you know once again what a pleasure it was to be involved with your event and to congratulate you on a stellar job that you continue to do. Also, the medical staff you have is the best I have EVER experienced with ANY race. They are outstanding and have the ability to apply practical, technical and medical knowledge in a way that maximizes efforts in a very hostile environment. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST.”
– Marshall Ulrich, 2005 official finisher (with a total of 13 official race finishes)

“Thanks for putting on the race…you brought in a great group of runners and support staff. I think that it has become a diamond of a race, and, I hope you’ll continue to make it happen and lead the way.” 
– Scott Weber, 2005 official finisher and ten-time finisher

“What an EPIC event you put on! This race has grown into such a high class, world class, awesome event, and you did it. I am so happy to finally have this buckle. I said once I get the buckle I won’t have to do the race again, but you know what? I love this race!!!!  Badwater has finally put its name on the map and I believe you deserve the credit for this.”
– Shannon Farar-Griefer, 2005 (and 2001) official finisher

“What a great race. Kudos to race director Chris Kostman, the Adventurecorps crew, all the volunteers and Dr. Lisa Stranc-Bliss and all the other people in the medical units. Although this course is a logistical nightmare, it seemed that there were always race personnel monitoring all the runners along the way during the entire event. A special thanks to the roving medical teams who were everywhere along the course and always slowed down to check for either a thumbs up or for potential problems. Although I never needed their assistance, it was comforting to know that they were available and only minutes away. Outstanding. A real class act. Job well done. Thanks again.”
– Respectfully, Arthur Webb, official finisher 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 04, 05

“I wanted to thank you for such a great event! I truly respect what you have done for Badwater. I remember in 2002, my first Badwater, I received the rule book weeks before the event. I freaked out. I thought to myself, ‘God, I don’t know if I can live up to this!’ I was so overwhelmed then. But I can truly say everything you’ve put in the book was basically for our/the runners/crews safety. I truly appreciate not only your caring, but also the level at which you have brought ultra-running into the spotlight with the Badwater race. There will probably not be another event like it, I’m sure. And I hope it’s around not only for me to enjoy, but everyone who’s done it and also future Badwater racers and crew. I call Badwater “The Truth Serum.” It does change lives and quite often, if not always, I’ve seen for the better. It shows us what we are as souls in human form. Again I truly appreciate what you’ve done with the event and I thank you and your staff, and volunteers who’ve taken part thus far.  Good Job, Man!!! Love In Action,”
Very truly, Jody-Lynn Reicher, 2005 official finisher

“Just a few words to try to thank you for inviting me to be part of the 2005 Badwater Ultramarathon and for your trouble to organize such an unforgettable event. Many people at home asked me before the race for my reasons to do an event like this. One of my reasons was that events like this creates memories. I do not know how to thank you for allowing me to be part of this event and to help creating a memory that will stay with me as long as I have the privilege of my mental capabilities. It would be a great honor for me to come back some day and to run my own race. I did not get to the stage of alternate consciousness or any hallucinations since I had to concentrate on Geoff Hilton-Barber the whole time. Thanks again for taking the chance with me!!”
– Regards. Flip Jurgens, 2005 official finisher

“I would like to thank you for this year’s Badwater. It was well organized, enjoyable and safe. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate and finish such a difficult, but exciting run. I see life a little more clearly today and I am even more challenged to bring this piece of life and athletics to those who have not had such an opportunity.”
– Sincerely, Jack Humphrey, 2005 official finisher

“I just wanted to thank you again for an awesome experience. It is without a doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I learned a lot, made a few costly mistakes, but that’s the challenge. To overcome and never give up. Hopefully I will be able to race again and get a belt buckle. I really appreciate the chance to have been to Badwater and the effort it must take on your part to make this the world class event that it is.”
– Thank you. Jackie Simonsen, 2005 official finisher

“You do an AWESOME job with this race and I appreciate it. And please feel free to forward this to ALL the race workers as well.  Everyone I came in contact there was just super, they were professional and they were positive. By the way, the food was great, both pizza and breakfast, my crew was loving the free food. You ask every competitor this year and I bet you know the positive reaction you would get.”
– David Harper, 2005 official finisher

“Thank you for putting on such an amazing event. I had the time of my life and hope to actually run the race in 2006 if I can meet the qualifying standards and gain acceptance. The sense of camaraderie and family I experienced at Badwater was like no other. I can only imagine the logistics and amount of work that goes into putting together a race of this magnitude, on public lands, dealing with so many different agencies. This was my first Badwater experience and I truly mean it when I say that it was Top Shelf and First Rate. I had the time of my life and can’t wait to go back as a runner. Thanks again for a terrific race. One that I’ll remember and cherish the rest of my life. Keep up the good work!”
– Sincerely, Liam Douglass, crew for 2005 official finisher Mark Cockbain

“You and your staff do a EPIC job of organizing what must be one of the toughest race anywhere to hold. Thanks for doing such a great job of Directing the Badwater Ultramarathon. Hopefully athletes from around the world will be able to challenge themselves and fulfill their dreams for many years to come.”
All the best, Ferg Hawke, two-time runner-up (04 and 05)

“Thank you Chris for the incredible – I mean incredible – job you and your amazing staff do! I am honored to be  part of this race-it humbles me greatly I have finished 5 times. Thank you Chris. Along with my other fund raising I do for kids-it is an honor and privlege to help them and have Badwater as the race of race to help them with. You made this all possible for us. Thank you for helping my dreams come true.”
– Most Sincerely, John Radich, five-time finisher, including 2005

“I would like to thank you for the great honor you gave me, with the induction into the Hall of Fame.  This is an honor I will never forget.  I appreciate the acknowledgement of my adventure in Death Valley. It was so nice to be part of the 2005 race, as it brought back many memories of my experience. I was amazed how much the race has grown. I know this doesn’t happen by itself, it only happens with your hard work as a race director, and the help of your volunteers. I loved meeting the runners and appreciated how kind they were to me. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.”
– Jeannie Ennis, 2005 Badwater Hall of Fame inductee

“Chris, I want to thank you (and all the staff and volunteers and all the crews and supporters and participants) again for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the Badwater family and experience. I know there is an incredible amount of behind the scenes business to take care of. I appreciate all the time and energy you have put into this wonderful (epic) type of an event. I learned much from this 2005 Badwater experience and I am savoring it.”
– Dan Jensen, 1999 entrant and 2005 official finisher