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About AdventureCORPS®, Inc.

AdventureCORPS, Inc. is an athlete-run firm which owns and represents BADWATER®, “The World’s Toughest Brand and the World’s Toughest Races.” As a brand, BADWATER represents digging deep and going farther; it is the lifestyle brand for all who push their limits.

BADWATER® is a federally registered trademark owned by AdventureCORPS® in variety of categories, including event production, publications, clothing, footwear, skin care, sunglasses, backpacks, and other categories.

AdventureCORPS’ world-class events for athlete-adventurers include epic running races such as BADWATER® Cape Fear in March, BADWATER® Salton Sea in May, and BADWATER® 135 Ultramarathon in summer, together comprising the BADWATER® Ultra Cup. We also host the BADWATER® Immersion training camp and retreat, as well as the Silver State 508 ultra cycling race. New BADWATER venues and events are in development across the USA and abroad.