Badwater 135: Will You Get In?

There’s a question we’re asked all the time and it goes like this:

“I’ve done X, Y, and Z races. Will I get into Badwater 135 next year?”

EVERYBODY who sends us that email receives the same reply, and here it is:

Thanks for writing and for your interest in the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon. We really appreciate your enthusiasm, however we have a policy of not “giving odds” on the likelihood of being accepted to race.

Every year we receive a greater number of applications than the year before, despite the fact that we routinely raise the minimum qualifying standard required to apply. The system is clearly explained on the website for all to see and review. In other words, we don’t give “secret tips” to people who take the time to email us for more information.

We will say that It’s a good idea to plan a few years in advance for this race, not only to prepare yourself mentally and physically, but also to line up the qualifications that will give you a decent shot at being invited to compete.

Additionally, we encourage all prospective Badwater 135 applicants to do the following:

1. Very carefully study the minimum qualifying standards to apply, as outlined on this website, and which are occasionally refined or redefined. (They were most recently updated on January 3, 2020.)

2. Compete in, and successfully complete, other official Badwater® races, such as Badwater Salton Sea, Badwater Cape Fear, and Artsakh Ultra. They all provide an authentic Badwater® experience: They are held in fantastic, beautiful, little-known locations; they offer an extremely challenging, iconic route; they are produced with a world-class attention to detail and provide an intimate, personal experience for every participant.

3. Attend the Badwater 135 as a pacer / crew member. Not only would you be helping somebody complete the race, but you would learn a lot in the in process and also acquire another important component for any future Badwater 135 application. You can post your interest in the Badwater Participants/Crew/Pacers group on Facebook as well as on the 2020 Facebook Event Page.

4. Consider the various avenues available for Badwater 135 Automatic-Qualification outlined on the Entry Tab of the Badwater 135 webpage

Finally, we encourage you follow us on Twitter (@Badwater) Instagram (@BadwaterHQ) and our Badwater 135 page on Facebook, so that you stay in the loop.Thank you again for your inquiry. We hope to see you “out there” in the near future!