2015 Badwater Cape Fear Webcast

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Pre–Race Activities: March 17-20, 2015 | Photos by Chris Kostman

Badwater Cape Fear Racer Mugshots | Photos by Chris Kostman, March 20, 2015
Badwater Cape Fear: the first 10 miles on Bald Head Island: | Photos by Chris Kostman and Monica Hennessy
Badwater Cape Fear: Runners round Cape Fear itself | Photos by Monica Hennessy and Chris Kostman

Badwater Cape Fear Finish Line | Photos by Chris Kostman, March 21, 2015

Special thanks, Event Volunteers!

Finish Line Team: Poul Lindegaard, Laurie Kostman, Monica Hennessy, Louise Lindegaard, Ralph Griggers, Kim Winstead, José Lopez, Jaime McDonald, and Margaret McDonald

Bald Head Island Conservancy (CP1): Linda Quirk, Randy Quirk, and Jason Bennett

Mid-Beach: Marybeth Ray, George Ray, Rebecca Ann Bruton, Khwan Bolton, Beth Price, and Gloria Agnew

Fort Fisher: Scott Kollins, Keith Weitz, Eleanor Erickson, Kristen Weitz, Owen Weitz

Start Line: John Alexander, Scott Kollins, and Keith Weitz

Flagpole, and Broom Wagon for first 10.5 Miles: Kevin Thomas

Directions: Heather Caveny, Kim Winstead, Ralph Griggers, and others

Timing: Trasie Phan and Carroll Pope

Media: Trasie Phan of Ultra Racing Network, Alix Shutello of Endurance Racing Magazine, Robert Lee of BeamCatchers, Chris Kostman of RokkorPro

Chris Kostman: Race Director, Photography, Webcast, Finish Line

Thank You!

This event is held under permits from the Village of Bald head Island and Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, and the incredible support of Bald Head Island Conservancy. We thank them, and all our North Carolina friends, for their support!


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