On Scientific Research at Badwater

During the extended training/DV attempts, I rode a stationary bike at very high temps, hours at a time. My runs, on Mt Diablo, were in a box-canyon where temps were always above 100 degrees. NASA had contacted me and was interested in doing a research project of my training routine and the actual run itself. I remember an Exercise Physiologist (I believe his last name was Snell) wanted to put a “scientific” instrument into my intestinal tract. The purpose was to measure stress and ‘core body temperature’. They later scrapped the idea because they felt that it was too dangerous and that it could be fatal. I did get some preliminary results, as a ‘base point’. In 1974 a similar recording was taken and it was determined that my initial core temperature was 98.7. In 1977 the same measurement showed that my ‘core body temp’ was now 96.4, it has never changed. When I go for a check-up the medical staff will always ask m: “have you always had a ‘sub-normal body temp?” During Worlw War II, the US Army was training soldiers in the Mojave Desert. They were being acclimated to heat for the African Desert. But, because of Japan’s invasion of the remote islands off Alaska, these desert-trained troops were sent to the frigid cold of Alaska. To the surprise of all, they were very comfortable: because their ‘body core temp’ had dropped a few degrees. I found the same response when the weather turned cold. Just thought you might find this info rather interesting.

Take care, AL