On the new Jay Birmingham Website Section

Hi Chris. You really are a gift to the world of ULTRAS. Just when the accolades start pouring in, re: your Official Badwater site, you make it even better. The DV/BW trek wouldn’t have had its grand success without Chris Kostman. I’m very pleased that Jay is being featured. It is, with all due respect, long over-due. Thank you, many times over. Jay isn’t just another name or the second Death Valley-Mt Whitney trekker, he is truly an accomplished ULTRA. Look at the history of his amazing distant running. Jay and I are so different in our involvement: He stays active and helps in the development and support of the Ultra tradition. That requires a great deal of personal sacrifice and open commitment to the sport. He is there in the public’s eye, as to whom and what he is/has done. I couldn’t do that; I’m too selfish and a real loner. I love people but enjoy and seek my “cave.” It’s easy to prepare and endure your own personal demands as you search for the Holy Grail, but quite different when you’re exposed. No one to witness failure or share in the solace of the euphoria of success. Even in victory, the legacy of 1977, depicted in the photos, are isolated and my own. The photographers, Eric and Glen and the ‘POL’ writer, Roger, have left me behind, RIP. So, there are no consequences; it was meant to be. I yield to the younger and stronger ULTRA, Jay.

My best to everyone, AL